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How do you help your children remain socialy aware? I am looking for ways to get my children (at least the two 7 year olds and my 5 year old) out in the world doing things to help others. What would have the most impact? How much activism is enough? ”

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  • We adopt a family from the Salvation Army each year for Christmas. Usually the family has a few kids so each of our children help pick out presents. We also go to Winco and get a gift certificate for food. Also, Habitat for Humanity has a family build day in the summer. We get our whole family together, in addiition to co-workers. Everytime we do something to help I explain everything to the kids. Why we do this..How helping other people makes a difference ..
    We are all avid golfers (the kids too) --this year I am planning on volunteering with the Special Olympics golf team and hopefully the kids can help too. :)

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  • My best advice is to include your kids in what you do. We brought our daughter with us to a peace rally :)

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