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Does anyone else out there find it a tad annoying when friends and family who don't work want to load up the weekends with activity after activity? I find that after a week at work I just want to stay home and chill after cleaning the house and doing laundry. Just because they stay home all week and are dying to finally do somethnig on the weekends doesn't mean that everyone else is... Anyone else out there feel like I do??”

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  • I agree, but I also work on weekends, just about all of them. I wish I could do exciting things on the weekends like all of my friends, but I guess I would rather enjoy time with my family, since my husband doesn't work weekends. My household is too busy to be able to get to go out all of the time, and it's almost impossible to find someone trustworthy to babysit on weekends.

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  • I think maybe where it gets hard for me is that my family lives an hour away and we have a large family, so there is almost always something going on during the weekends. It's just that I have to add an additional 2 hours of drive time to any activity, which really adds up. Come to think of it when things are local I don't mind going to them nearly as much.

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  • I'm the same way. Here lately it seems like there is something going on every weekend. I have had to learn to say no sometimes so I don't go insane with all the stuff.

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  • Not really. I think it's great that they include me in their plans. :) I make time for them and my family.

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  • I tend to guard my off time very much. But you have to understand, you need to reconnect with friends to.

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  • Julie and Phe, maybe it's the "season" of parenting I'm in or maybe I'm just a home-body? ;)

    Katie, after reading your response, I actually do wish I could do more during the week and find that most playdates in my neighborhood are during working hours.

    Thanks for all the responses. ;)

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  • Actually, I have the opposite emotion. I work as do most of my friends/colleagues, but as I'm trying to interact with other moms with kids my age, they only do things during the week - when I'm at work. I really wish there were more things that we could do on the weekends. Of course, I hate being in the house generally particularly when I have laundry and house cleaning to do :)

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  • After pondering this question for a while, i realize I only know one person who doesn't work. And the things she invites us to are things we do with our weekends anyhow: watch college basketball, go out to dinner, etc.

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  • I don't really have that problem, and after reading this, I'm grateful for that. : )

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  • Saturday afternoons that she is with her dad are when I want to do something. No paying for a sitter.
    I generally save the laundry & cleaning until Sunday when I don't want to go out (school & work start again the next day).

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  • I like extended-family / kid-friendly stuff on the weekends. What bugs me more are people who don't have kids wanting to fill up my family time with non-family-friendly activities. I guess they don't realize how little time I actually have to do value-added stuff with my kids.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SKL on 9th March 2010