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What's the one gadget/item that makes your life easier as a working mom?”

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  • My home business. Not really a "gadget" per se, but it lets me be a working mom AND a stay at home mom all at the same time. Makes for a very happy me and a very happy baby.

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  • My blackberry!!! I was giving birth and had it right by my side!!! :) I know - I'm insane :)

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  • Can I have two? I need to tell you about 2! My palm pilot (which I swore I would never use, but I sync it daily to my yahoo web-based schedule and that way my friends and family know what I am up to. And my new NANO! I am so enjoying having music in my life every day!!!

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  • I love electronic gadgets, but I'm going old school here. I have a small dry erase board next to the back door where I jot down short notes or reminders for me to see just before I walk out the door. I can't tell you the number of times my son would have missed swimming at school (unless he was willing/permitted to go sans swim trunks) but for the last second reminder.

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  • Laptop. Mine is a real workhorse. Not pretty. Not the latest technology. But, like an old Ford, it keeps plodding along (knock on wood!) and I couldn't be a WAHM without it. Now if they could just make one that has a toddler-repelling force field to keep sticky little fingers away, that would be awesome!

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  • Bourbon.

    Just kidding. Kinda.

    I think the gadget that makes life easier is Google Calendar -- I can manage everyone's schedules and color-code them so I can tell who's is which at a glance.

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  • My Blackberry 8800 - hands down. From there I can manage my contacts and calendar, email, text, call, instant message, manage my iwantsandy account, etc, etc. It's my handheld laptop.

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  • This is easy: Palm Treo. Nothing would get done if it weren't for that thing.

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  • Laptop! For me ,I'm juggling kids with one hand and laptop with the other. Without a laptop I'm not sure how I could manage to work and parent.

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  • I read this and thought "Gadget? What gadget can make parenting easier?" Now I've seen your responses, I had a small lightbulb moment: of course! You really do benfit from gadgets when your kids are babies and toddlers. By the time they're teens (which mine all are) gadgets are irrelevant, so for a moment I just blanked out on the question. Unless you're talking *their* gadets. I find an iPod each makes for quiet, happy teens... :-)

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  • My Medela backpack! I travel between three work locations and it's just so nice to sling it on my back and go! Now, finding time to use it in a busy clinic is another thing ...

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