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For those of you with school aged children, how many of you are burned out from school fundraisers and why?”

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  • My school has a Knowledge-a-thon. No product sales, just a chance for children to gather sponsors and then learn a set of Q&A that are related to their curriculum. The environmental charter school down the road keeps their fundraisers "Green." I bought some LED Christmas lights from them (inexpensively, too). It works for us; it sure beats selling fancy wrapping paper or overpriced chocolate.

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  • I throw away fundraising materials as soon as my son brings them home. I too do not need anymore wrapping paper or another candle in a jar. This year his school was raising money to replace sand (more like dirt) with recycled rubber material on the playground. Everyday my son would come off the bus looking like Pig Pen. I was happy to simply write a check and I'm fairly certain many other parents were too.

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  • This is great ladies. In show #4 of my podcast, Tales of a Single Parent, I talked about Fundraiser Burnout because I, a parent of a 10 and 14 year old have certainly had my share of fundraisers and I am OVER THEM.

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  • I'm convinced these fund raisers are just to give the PTC moms something to do ; ) I don't participate. If they had one or two, I might, but we have at least 4-5 per year. And that's for elementary school, where as far as I can see, they don't even spend the money on anything useful. On end of year parties, maybe?!? I hate the high school ones even more. . .where kids are hitting me up for money to go on a band trip to the Rose Bowl or a competitive softball team tournament. Get a job, pay for it yourself. How about I pay my kid's way, you and your family pay for yours, instead of us all selling junk to each other?

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  • OMG! Lylah stole my comment!!!

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  • Me! Totally. I hate them. Overpriced, useless crap (I can buy wrapping paper soooo much cheaper). I try to donate time instead of money (I don't have much time, but I have even less extra cash) and, if that won't cut it, I'd rather make a donation directly to the school or buy supplies for the classroom...

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