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I am thinking to open an online shopping for groceries, since I am suffering to make my own shopping during the week so I thought why not to have this project be reality especially that we don't have this method in our country and most of people suffering of the lack of time. Anyone can give me an idea how to start with this project ?”

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  • Just a couple days ago I heard about a business like this from my brother in law. It may be something you want to check into.

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  • It sounds like a great idea. Before you open, you want to research your market to make sure people will be interested in your virtual store. Use word of mouth. Ask around at online communities. Conduct official market research. You can do this on your own, or hire specialists like (I'm not affiliated with this company) to help you.

    You have to be sure you know that your idea will sell before you get it going.

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  • hi, the first thing that comes to mind is logistics. How are you going to get them delivered ON TIME? Are the areas you want to cover always 'traffic jammed road lined with cars honking for hours'? That would be no good for fuel costs, and the labor costs, plus time spent on road just waiting for traffic lights to turn green.

    Try looking at how other supermarkets are doing it now. google shopping delivery, or supermarket deliveried. See how they go. Well, that's my 2 cents worth. Good luck.

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