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For all you WAHMs, how do you get your business off the ground while still giving your children the time and attention they need? What marketing tactics take the least amount of time and prove the most effective so you can get back to the ones that matter most?”

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  • Good morning,
    A great piece of advice I was given was make a calendar. Use the Daily ones that have the times on if from 6am-6pm, or something like that. Write all your family things, appts, meetings, etc on it. Now look at it :) Do you see a constant time available that you could work on your business?
    My 'free time' is right after I put the kids on the school bus (actually, I will usually hop on after my alarm goes off since that's a 'free time' block, before the kids get up, too).

    The other time I'll block off is after they go to bed.

    Part of me thinks it's a sad commentary of how fractured and busy we are that you have to have a daily calendar to see your daily events...but IT WORKS.

    Let me know what you think :) If I can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to let me know. Melissa

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  • My best friend once gave me the wisest advice: You can have it all. But not all at once. It may be that your business stays in a slower track while the kids need you, and you have to wait until a different time in your life to ramp it up. My experience is that marketing is an ongoing strategy of engagement with the customer, and these days the emphasis is on engagement more than any other time. I've been racking my brain since you asked the question trying to come up with a "least amount of time" angle and can't. It simply takes a lot of time and effort to get a business off the ground these days, seeing as how everyone has one. There's a lot of noise you have to cut through.

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  • First of all you need to get the right training.If it's an online business you need a system you can plug into and do the same for your prospects.It must be a duplicable provides you with a free membership training site with articles,extensive audio vault,live webinars where to become an expert at targeting people to join your business.I personally purchase leads of people already interested in a home based business.They're very responsive and have worked well for me.But you need proper training to get is a great resourse.You could also make videos of your business opportunity and post them on differet video sites as you tube.Forum marketing is very efective to get yourself known,just make sure to have your link in your signature,to get some traffic to your website.You could also publish ads on clasiffieds(free),Blogs are also an important part in marketing.Hope this helps! This subject is pretty big.
    Good luck!

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