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What are some Mommy Milesontes, things things that happened to you that let you know you really are a mom (i.e., been dressed in your last clean outfit and almost out the door when your DC spit up all over you)?”

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  • I could relate with mamajama ... my son is always bathed, just not me! ha ha. My answer: comforting my colicky son when he was just a couple of weeks old. My aunt helped me take care of him during the day, but I didn't have the heart to bother her at night, and my husband had work, and so it was me trying to comfort the little guy when everyone -- including the family dog -- was fast asleep.

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  • I'm cheating because I already answered once, but this morning, I opened my freezer to get something for lunch and found icicles that my son had collected and saved from last Tueday's ice storm. Only a mom finds that in the freezer!

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  • That would have to be the first time each of my kids hugged and kissed me with their pudgy little arms and cute baby lips.

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  • The day that I looked down at myself and couldn't remember the last time that I had changed my clothes or taken a shower, but I had bathed, and dressed and changed my daughter several times! Hahaha.

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  • I think the first time my son powerpuked and I cleaned it up without even blinking . . . that was a big one because up until I had kids, I couldnĀ“t handle other people puking.

    Other milestones would include:
    - Spending tons of money at the store, only to get home and realize that everything was for my kids!

    - When I went out with my husband for a date night and got totally stressed out about our baby being with someone else that I made him take me home again.

    - One day I realized that everything I saw, I was thinking "oh, Dorian (our firstborn) would love to see that."

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  • When I realized my 3-year old's home daycare provider was actually one year younger than me!

    With my 10 year old, people didn't think I was his mother, since I was 19 when he was born and looked much younger. Servers would actually offer me kids menus if we all went to dinner with my parents. It was great to finally be a "normal" -aged mother with my second child.

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  • When my son's matchbox car fell in the toilet...I was the one who had to retrieve it (ewwww). I had to or it would have clogged up the plumbing. Well, it was either that or move.

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  • Keeping magic and fantasy alive for my way to smart for it kid. Just lost his secomnd tooth and is convinced that she is the real thing. It's so cool! May seem silly, but this kid took one look at Santas around the neighborhood, and all around our town and at 3 exclaimed: "Who is that guy anyway?" Deduced that he wasn't real, but went to meet him (Tilden parks carousel wonderland) and said to "Santa" (age 3, remember). " Hi Mister,I just wanted to say hi and wish you a happy holiday, I'm Jewish, so you don't have to give me any candy, save it for the ones who really love Christmas, I think you're a cool idea, and you are a nice man." Santa bought David hot chocolate.

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  • Two nights ago my daughter had a really bad cough and could not fall asleep. After trying everything I took her into the bathroom and turned on the shower to make it all steamy. We just sat there on the floor and eventually both fell asleep. I work up shortly after and even though I was soooo tired and cranky smiled because I was doing what moms do:)

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