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Do you keep your children in child care over the summer, or do you make other arrangements? What do you look for in a summer program for preschool-aged children?”

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  • My children go to a day camp that is on the water part time, the rest of the time they are home with Dad.

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  • I do leave my children in. As a teacher, I have many trainings over the summer that I need to attend. Plus, after one summer out, I found it much harder to transition them back in. And quite frankly, they love going to do water play, picnics, field trips, and see their friends!

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  • I have not worked away from home since my son was born in 2002. He attended pre-school 3 of those summers on a part-time basis, never full-time. I'm not quite sure what will happen this summer. My niece says he can come to Colorado for the summer to stay with his cousins whom he's never met. If that is not an option, then summer camp will have to do. I'm not quite sure how to choose a program. I guess the best choice would be a referral or word of mouth.

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  • It seems like most daycares have really fun summer programs for kids. My older child will be in K next year and will go to daycare three days/week. Next year she will be able to do "camp" where she will be able to go swimming and go on field trips weekly. I am lucky to be part time so I have four days off during the week that my kids get to go to the pool and be at home. I think the Y in most areas has great programs as well. I think the hardest time will be when they get too old to go to camp, but too young to drive themselves around. I hope by then I can either stay home for a few years, or we have a good friend her age that she can hang out with during the day with a parent that is home.

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  • Are you KIDDING?! Of course you keep them in care! Unless you teach for a living, thereby having summers off, a vast majority of people work and can't stay home with the kids. This is not directed for the WAHMs, of course, but really! Our daycare had wonderful summer programs - they'd go swimming (she learned to swim that way), they went to King's Dominion several times (hubby even chaperoned a couple of times) and have all sorts of things. My biggest problem was when she aged out of daycare at 13. We sent her to camp, starting at 7, for several weeks, and that helped. But by the time she was 14, it was camp and stay at home. Neither of us could afford to stay home with her, so she had to stay on her own.

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  • Depends. When she was at a daycare we did that all summer. The year after preK (that was only school year) we did a summer camp geared to preK kids. It was run by the local YMCA and was only for children who had yet to enter kindergarten. It was more expensive than the Y's other kiddie camp because this one was open from 7-6 instead of half-day. It was offsite so there was area to nap, prepare food, things they couldn't do at the Y (they used a local elementary school that had the Y as their school-year day care). Yet they did all the other stuff the Y camp did, field trip weekly, swimming, etc. My daughter was so sad that she couldn't go back after kindergarten was over. But despite apprehension she was ready for the regular Y camp and has never looked back.

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