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If you had a spa/winebar (that also sold cupcakes and other delectables), in your area would you frequent it? and how often?”

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  • YES!! :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jackemama on 17th August 2010

  • With competitive prices for a massage, offering a 30 min session (so it's more affordable) with the loveliness of wine and snacks, I think I could work to make it a quarterly outing...try to drag my other hard working mom friends with me. Could definitely be encouraged for a first-time visit with a coupon, a second trip could be more likely with some perk if I refer a friend (my chiropractor's office gives $25 gift cards for referrals).

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by RebeccaC on 21st July 2010

  • I would want to frequent it often but the reality is I would only do it on a special occasion like Mother's Day or a birthday. So probably once or twice a year. We women really have to learn to take time to relax. I wish you good luck!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Health-e-coach on 30th June 2010

  • Once a year. These types of places are usually in a price range that I have to classify as "luxury." I haven't had a luxury purchase in our budget for nearly 8 months now.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by JulieS on 30th June 2010