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How did you raise money to start (or expand) your small business? ”

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  • is great. It's Peer to Peer lending. I did it to start my home

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sheraline on 19th March 2008

  • is a great resource of information on any business topic. Retired/semi retired professionals provide free counseling sessions (in person, phone or online) and are a wealth of knowledge. You may find financing opportunities in your area.
    Good Luck!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by PartyOf5 on 14th March 2008

  • I took out a loan... Where are those grants???

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Ymke Dioquino on 4th March 2008

  • i just asked a similar question! there are supposed to be all of these grants and things available for women who want to start business and i've even spent a little time looking for some, where are they? have you tried putting together a business plan and submitting it to investors? any one who finds out please share with the res of us. maybe we can call put our heads together??

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ancgan on 19th February 2008

  • I am earing money to help my business get off the ground by going through my house and finding things I do not use and selling them on E-Bay. It doesn't sound like much but believe me anything I make I put right back into my business!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Four Point Mom on 19th December 2007

  • When you find out please share.... I started my home biz on a shoe string and so far the dollars have been marching out... I have faith and determination that it will turn itself around.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mary Jane on 19th December 2007