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How do you get through an energy slump? I'm feeling one now and realized I hadn't eaten all day so of course I'm snappy and unhappy with everything. And I can't decide what to eat which makes it worse! What do you do then this happens?”

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  • basically you start with sugar, seriously! followed or in conjunction with fat/protien like Nataly said. What works for me if i find i am snappy and going from fridge to pantry and unable to make a decision - i pop a couple of peanut m&ms LOL this gives you some immediate energy to figure out what to eat that will sustain you. it's amazing how overwelming EVERY. LITTLE. THING. can seem when you are over hungry and tired!!

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  • I can't imagine forgetting to eat!! At least don't forget to drink lots of fluids. That helps me out on days when I'm too busy to eat, so that I don't get so starved that I end up pigging out. Heps control my appetite if I drink lots of decaf tea.

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  • I have this problem all the time. In fact I had one of those days today. I ate breakfast early today and then left to run tons of errands. By the time I got home I realized that I'd gone 6-7 hours without eating (not good when you're breastfeeding). I wish I had read Nataly's comment before! I ended up with a major headache and have been very crabby. No advice, just commiserating.

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  • OK, a lot of experience with this here - although I wish I could forget to eat:)
    Protein and fat, fiber-rich carbs - no white carbs right now. If you eat carbs when you're low energy, your blood sugar will shoot up and it will get worse quick when it crashes.


    -turkey sandwich with some cheese or mayo
    -peanut butter and jelly sandwich
    -roast chicken with brown rice and salad

    quick snacks - greek yogurt with cereal and nuts
    nuts and raisins mix
    apples and peanut butter or apples and cheese

    you see, I've been there before:)

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