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A break from holiday stress -- what's your favorite holiday meal or treat?”

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  • My favorite... the leftovers! I make turkey tortilla soup with a recipe I got from my father-in-law years ago.
    If you want to give it a try...

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  • Nataly, that sounds delicious! I assume the lamb stays moist that way?

    My favorite treat this time of year (and everytime of year, quite frankly) is alfredo with chicken, over a bed of any kind of pasta. YUM.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kat on 27th December 2007

  • Daisy - that sounds soooo great! We've made a tradition out of cooking lamb with pomegranate sauce. It's Nigella's recipe that I found in the NY Times a while back. The lamb is cooked overnight on low heat and you wake up to this awesome and warm smell. We do this the day before New Years.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 24th December 2007

  • I get my shopping done early. (THERE's a treat, all by itself.) This means that I can go to a mall and just enjoy the busy-ness without feeling any of the panic, no need to line up, no pressure. I like the lights, I like the crowds, I like the music, I like the energy.

    When I've spent a while enjoying the holiday bustle, I retreat to a coffee shop, where unburdened by a million bags and parcels, I can sit and sip my decaf skinny latte, maybe read, maybe just watch the people some more, enjoying the feeling of being alone in the crowd.

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  • Every Christmas we have a standing rib roast with mushrooms and au jus (even if we cant afford it) we seem to always find a way! with home made mashed potatoes, Galicy Green Beans, Croisants, and deviled eggs. Oh and on Christmas eve we make Christmas cookies and decorate them and save a couple for Santa.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by shelly on 24th December 2007

  • Cinnamon rolls and coffee on Christmas morning! We've made that a tradition. The rolls make the house smell good while they're baking, and they're easy to eat while unwrapping presents.

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  • Actually this year we had the most fantastic thanksgiving dinner at our friend's house! It was so tasty... I would have that same meal on Christmas/New Years :)

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