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Do you get anxious right before going back to work after the holidays? What are you anxious about?”

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  • A bit anxious. I never use to feel this way, but my current work environment (colleages/bosses) is chaotic at best and dysfunctional at worst and so I have to "steel myself" so to speak whenever I head in. I love my work, just not the environment in which I do it. But, I'm finding ways to cope ... like sriankan's positive focus (which really helps) and writing (which helps me process the chaos in a positive way vs. yelling at my husband about silly, unrelated things).

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  • I worked as a teacher for over 10 years. In the begining, I would always feel anxious going back to work after the holidays. It would feel like the first day I joined work. Until..I entered the school. Then everything felt just right. I was in an extremely stable position and was a 'sought after' teacher with great results. So it was not any kind of insecurity about my job. It was just a feeling of anxiety. I realized this and then started doing something about it. I would as I made my way to school, think of all the positive things that happened in the past session and about the new projects and ideas I had for the new one. This put me in a very positive frame of mind and I was ready to go to work!

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  • No, not at all. I am not saying that the purchasing agents won't freak out with hurry up and need now orders but I have been doing this for so long I am used to it!

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  • Honestly, after all of the holiday stress, going back to work the day after feels like a relief! :)

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