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Do/did you want you little one to stay little or are/were you excited to see him/her grow older. (I ask the question because some days I just hug and hold my 4 m/o and have the irrational hope that he stays this young/small forever. My hubby is impatient for him to grow older so that they can go on father-son adventures (hiking, camping, etc). I work exclusively with adolescents and may be -- negatively ... ha ha -- influenced by this daily work.)”

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  • you are so funny! i have always been SO EXCITED to see the new achievements of my son that i dont really mind that he is growing up! i actually kind of surprised myself. i think because mostly with each acheivement comes a balance with a benifit to me! more sleep being key LOL! my sister, however, has a very hard time watching her daughter grow up and wants her to stay little like you do :) i think both feelings are normal!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 30th December 2007

  • Hi KC. Great question! My baby is now 14mths. When she was a newborn, although I was exhausted, I was like you -- a bit sad at every development, while my husband was cheering her on. Like when she started walking at only around 10 or 11 mths. I was sad. He was so proud. But I have to say, now she's 14 mths and so clingy and demanding, frankly I have hard time loving her at this age. On a daily basis, I now wish the development would speed up, because I figure she'll be more fun at 3 or 4 yrs old. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 30th December 2007