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If I designed a widget.... As a consumer what would make you buy?”

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  • Make it green, convince me it's better for my health (or the health of my baby!)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by relaxnsmile on 1st January 2008

  • i think it depends... just a 'widget' i am a total sucker for design and packaging. if you are talking switching me from purchasing in person to purchasing online and having it delivered - that's tougher! one thing that might work for me is to send me a free sample of something i use along with a coupon for more free if i buy more type of deal. that way i would have to sign up and get online and see what else you have to offer. from there it would have to be a totally kick ass site that was easy to use and intuitive (and safe for purchasing, of course!) and then i might actually do it.

    i am intreguied... what is this business already?

    also, like you said, knowingi others how use it and rely on the service is a HUGE plus! having other bloggers or 'techie' online type people endorse the product/service helps too :)

    *whew* that was a lot to type LOL

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 30th December 2007

  • Okay how about this. I independently market for a 22 year old international health and wellness company. I haven't found my way and I'm trying to learn different approaches.

    I started out as a customer but was so impressed I decided to become a business builder. When I mentioned my idea to my sister I discovered she's been a customer since 2004 and a friend a person I truly respect has been a customer for many, many years. So I know my decision to market for this company is sound thus a new work at home business is born...

    My own personal experience has been I'm not spending any more money on these products then I did before it saves me time because it's delievered to my door plus the best part is it is safer to use.. How do I convince you?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mary Jane on 30th December 2007

  • Hmm. Well, if you're asking about what marketing strategies work, I'd say the color of the product/pack...IF it was something I needed and could justify the expense. I'm not really one for impulse buys...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 30th December 2007

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