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I think I'm ready to go back to work at least part time. I haven't finished my degree yet in Interior design but I'm doing it from home. I feel a little trap being the little housewife. Is it wrong to feel this way? Will I ever get back to work especially in this economy and being out of work for about 5 Years?”

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  • No, it is not wrong to feel this way. In fact, it is more than normal and exactly how most women staying at home feel. Especially when you have been home for 5 years. But, you have to check your attitude right now, just because you have stayed at home does not make you less valuable to the market place, it just means you have to market your skills and experiences more. I would suggest you review your networking connections, what other people know your talents and can possibly help guide you to potential employers. That to me has always been the key, your contacts all around you...on the play ground at school, friends in your neighborhood and community, any people that understand your desires and have connections. Get started with selling yourself and your desire to work again. Promote your degree you are completing at home, find out through companies potenially hiring if you can contact them montly about future jobs becoming available. In order to get yourself back in the work force you must continuously promote yourself, get your name out there and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. It may take awhile to land the job your are looking for, however starting to network now and brainstorm ways to sell yourself is going to get you on your way. Please don't be afraid, all women have the right to work and you have skills that are valuable. Disply them to yourself first and recognize that being a housewife is a full time job, you have not been "out of the work force", instead you have been working very hard at a creating a successful family. Good Luck,

    Melissa A.

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  • I was in the same program up unto about 6 months ago....I started out full time in the program....since it was just me and my husband....then last february I found out I was pregnant after 15 years.....I carried on through school during the pregnancy and completed a semester just two weeks before she was born.....when the Winter semester started in January after she was born in October.....I found myself completely overwhelmed....Trapped was not the word for it....Working Full time, School Full time, and now Baby Full time.....I would have gladly given up working for finishing my degree, instead I had to give up my degree for work....since we needed a roof over our heads more than I needed the degree right now...not to mention...latest statistics on interior design careers are not that appealing...with a max out of around $45,000 annual being reported.....I spent $30,000 just on two years worth of College....What I'm trying to say is ENJOY being the housewife right now...while your completing the degree......then when it's all said and done....there will be no pressure on will be able to take the time to locate the right job at the rigth time....ESPECIALLY in this Economy......It's very tough out here right now.....and another bonus you that with you not having to work right can also take the opportunity to get your foot in doors by interning.......even part time...then your education is being put to work and others are seeing it and learning your value.....Don't feel trapped.....Feel could be having to give up your education right have to worry about keeping the roof over head and the food on the table...take care

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