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What kind of job or career did you want to have when you were younger? Are you doing what you thought you would?”

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  • I wanted to be a vet too. then i realized they have to do doctor-stuff, not just play with animals all day. my job has nothing to do with animals, unless you count my job at home as "mom"!

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  • I want to be an astro-phyicist. Up until I was a senior in High School that was my goal. Then I took my first and only Physics class. I sucked so bad at it. I sucked so bad that my teacher gave me a mercy D because he knew I was actually doing my best and he didn't want to see me not graduate high school. Yea...he actually told me that is what he was going to do. But now I am a writer...go figure.

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  • I remembered this yesterday when I was watching American Tale with my kids. I really wanted to be a cartoonist from about 4th-8th grade. I guess I'm glad I didn't do that, since I wanted to be the hand-drawn kind and now everything is computer animated. But, I do wish I still had a creative/artistic side of some sort. I have gotten completely away from that stuff.

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  • such a good question! i never knew what i wanted to be/do. still don't really know! i know pieces and parts, but for me i think it has more to do with the journey and what i am able to create in the process so the actual 'job' or 'career' industry isn't important.

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  • First I wanted to become a Doctor... then I realized I didn't want to spend that much time in school. :) During high school I decided to be a teacher, and I could have my MAT in very little time, but I decided to have babies instead of pursuing my Masters. Really, all I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mom... so I guess I got that right!

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  • Not at all. When I was younger, I really wanted to be a marine mammologist and study dolphins and whales... even did a camp at SeaWorld one summer... now I work in internet consulting (after getting degrees in theatre and education).

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  • I always thought I'd be a lawyer, even when I had no idea what this entailed. People would just always say you think like a lawyer so I took this as a sign. Thank God I spent some time figuring out what lawyers actually do and didn't go into that field - some parts I know I'd enjoy, some of it is really not for me.

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  • I wanted to be an actress and studied in college. I just never took the steps to pursue it. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened. I occasionally see a classmate of mine doing bit rolls on tv show. I am sure, though, that he worked his butt off to get even a few lines. I don't think I could have done that. I am glad that I eventually became a teacher. I find the acting skills can come in handy a lot!!!

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  • when i was younger i wanted to work with animals. a vet. or some where in a zoo. i even wanted to be another Jack Hanna. no i am doing nothing anywhere near what i wanted to do when i was younger. i have alot of pets though.!!

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