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If you breastfed, how long did you keep it up after going back to work? Did your workplace have a dedicated room to pump?”

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  • I went back to work around 15 weeks after my daughter's birth and continued breastfeeding for about 13 months. I was very fortunate to work where there was a dedicated place to pump. We moved (and switched workplaces) when my daughter was 10 months old. I didn't have a place to pump at the new job so I would nurse and pump as much as possible at home to keep up a breast milk supply for day care. I am a big fan of lactation consultants... they can help you work through just about any situation, whether it's figuring out how to pump in your car or working with your boss to set up a dedicated pumping area.

    My daughter self-weaned after her first birthday and it was so gradual I never had any problems with engorgement (Lucky, I know).

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  • i went back to work at 8 weeks and pretty much stopped breast feeding shortly there after... it was gradual! We don't have any where to pump and he was doing better with formula (he had silent GERD) so it was just easier on all of us to go with formula (and Zantac! awesome stuff!) after i went back to work full time...

    that said, i am also all for sticking with it if you can! my sister did the pump at work thing and was able to continue much longer (actually she is still breastfeeding her 18mo old!!). i think a lot depends on the mom, the kid, and life :)

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