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How do you deal with mornings? How do you get to work on time without loosing your mind or your cool?”

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  • COFFEE FOR me too. I was up one night cutting coupons and did not get a lick of sleep!! I would also say a really good attitude, peppin your self up saying your not going to lose your cool because I smiled for the rest of that day and when the kids were fighting, I did not yell or scream.

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  • COFFEE! I have found that if I don't have my coffee before my kids wake up I cannot deal with anything! Also, I find my mornings go better if I just get out of bed when my husband does (about 5:30) and take a shower and get completely ready before everyone wakes up. Yes I lose out on that precious 1- 1/2 hours of sleep but it is so much easier just getting 2 kids ready than trying to juggle that and myself!

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  • I work with a company that provides child care nationally, and we have some recommendations about getting your mornings started on the right foot! First, like the poster below says, consistency is key. We also suggest that you plan and take care of as much ahead of time as possible. Can you set the coffee pot to brew the night before, so you have the smell of fresh coffee when you wake up? (That can help you from losing your mind...) Make sure homework is done, bags are packed, bookbags are in the same place (so the kids can be responsible for finding them), shoes and clothes are picked out (with help from the kids, to avoid the arguments), and that everyone knows what their responsibilities are. We also suggest that you get up a few minutes before everyone else, just so you have that peace and quiet before the morning chaos begins!

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  • Getting to bed early has been a challenge lately as my little girl has been pushing the envelope lately and even though she will go to bed sometime after 8 she will be awake, singing & talking until 9:00 or later. On the otherhand, I have gotten better at getting things organized.

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  • I think consistency is key - following the same routine EVERY DAY, including weekends, and making sure it's a routine that really leaves you enough time to do everything you need to do before you leave the house. That, and getting to bed early enough.

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  • I wake up every morning at 5:00am to take my husband to work. When I get back home I put my daughter in the bed until 6:30am when its time for me and her to get ready for work and school ourselves. During the time she's sleep, im usually preparing dinner because I go to school right after I get off work everyday. I have a lot going on but I just had to learn time management. Im 24 but im in bed no later than 9:00 pm everyday. lol I have a schedule I go by. I'm usually never late but if I am it's because my schedule was ff

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  • I have to leave for work at 7:00 a.m. and my husband has to leave to drop off the kids at daycare no later than 7:15. (I'd LOOOOVE to be able to say 8:50 is the absolute latest time to leave like someone else said--wow!) So I guess our trick is that the kids are so sleepy that early in the morning that they don't put up a fight when we assist them with everything. We leave the weekends and bedtime for learning to dress and do personal hygiene themselves.

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  • My little girl is 2, which means that she is independant enough to want to do things herself and take far longer doing it, but not old enough to really be a help. My latest strategy since she's been sleeping in that finally worked today...taking her breakfast to daycare.

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  • How old is your daughter? Is she old enough to dress herself and take a little responsibility?

    I have struggled with this for a while. My kids (age 3.5) are able to handle most of the dressing and breakfast tasks, but the challenge has been getting them to finish on time. Until this week, I used to have them eat breakfast first so they wouldn't mess up their school clothes. But they would drag out breakfast, need a potty break and make a detour to play on the way back to the table, play around when they were supposed to be dressing, or pout over some choice or other that I made for them. We were late almost every day.

    This week I decided to change the schedule. Breakfast is last, and we leave by 8:50 regardless of how much anyone had a chance to eat. (Luckily they both like their breakfast!) At 8am (or earlier), they have to go to the restroom, then we do vision therapy, then they get dressed (including hair and shoes), and then they can eat breakfast. If they're not done by 8:45, they don't get their "gummy bear" (vitamin) or fish oil (which they like). If they finish a little early, they can go out and play for a few minutes. So far this is working a lot better.

    Whenever the kids have a bath in the evening, I dress them in the next day's clothes, if practical.

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  • my latest challenge is that my little girl wants to stay up late and sleep in late.....and I'm no better myself. I can't seem to get up before 7:00!

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  • Ahh. The mornings. Getting your kids ready for school or little ones for daycare. Packing snacks that just can't be packed completely the day before. Looking at the outfit you picked out yesterday and realizing it just doesn't do it. Changing diapers after putting on your work clothes. And through all this, keeping calm and not screaming at the top of your lungs to all around you that they need to hurry it up!

    I do lose my cool at times. And then I spend the entire commute into work feeling bad about it. So I promise myself that I will not flip out. It's a whirlwind of little things that you just need to get through before you are out the door ready to start the day.

    The only advice I can give is what I try to follow myself. Prepare the night before, even if you are simply exhausted. Any little bit already taken care of will help the next morning. I let my two boys play video games for a bit after they are fully dressed and have eaten breakfast. This is an incentive that keeps them on their feet, and it works most of the time.

    There will always be days when nothing seems to go right. I just deal with it and tell myself, I'll survive.

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