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I have four boys and having a hard time finding time to work out to get my shape back. My son is now five months, and I still have that ridiculous pouch. I take the stairs at work and I am constanttly moving around at home, Any other tips?”

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  • All the below are great suggestions - but you also need to be realistic: you can get back in shape, but you may never have "your shape" back. Even some of the fittest women in the world will tell you it doesn't always go back (Cindy Crawford has been famously unapologetic about it).
    So when you get to where you're feeling good physically, you take a look at your diet, your exercise and start to accept your new body, making it the best it can be.

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  • I gained 60lbs with my second baby and am now within 5lbs of my starting weight 2 and 1/2 months later. What's worked for me is using my son like my own personal gym. I hold him up in the air while i do squats while cuddling with him instead of rocking in a chair...and just play with him as hard as i possibly can without putting him in any danger. He loves all the extra play time and I get my workout in multiple times a day!! I've only been doing this for a month since I had a C-section, but it's working!! I'm back in a size 2 already! Just use common sense to keep the baby safe. When I do squats I really just sit in a chair and keep standing up and lowering myself back definitely don't want to lose your balance while holding your little one! Hope that helps and good luck!

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  • My second daughter is 7 months now. I've gained 60+lb with both my kids though. I've lost all my weight after my first son in a year or so. I've lost 30lb already after my daughter was born, but I still have 20 more lb to go. I face the same problem: absolutelly no time for working out. I try to eat less, small portions, but frequently. On average I lose 1lb/week. Seems to work for now, but I feel that I will need to excercise to lose the rest of the weight.

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  • I spend the first half of my lunch hour walking and the second half actually eating lunch. Some days. Other than that...using the kids an an excuse not to be so hard on yourself is always great too.

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