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When do you start getting organized for tax season? Do you worry more about your business taxes or family taxes? Do you rely on a good accountant?”

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  • At the beginning of the year, place a folder in your office / bed room / mail table and write TAXES on it. All year long, anything that comes in the mail related to taxes, place in that folder.

    At the end of the tax year-you'll have all your tax items together.

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  • I prepare for tax season all year. I have a file where I keep information that goes to my accountant. That way I don't have to spend the month of February trying to pull everything together. I just grab the file and go to my appointment! At this point, I do not have business taxes only personal taxes. But when I did have business taxes I also used an accountant. There is no reason for me to try to be an expert in something so complicated! Having a trusted resource that can manage that for me is critical to keeping me sane!! :)

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  • when hubby tried to go out on his own for his graphic design biz, he went and somehow got a client that was an accountant. handy! so now she does all our tax stuff, we just gather everything we can find and hand it over! then she usually asks for something we missed, and then PRESTO we all the paperwork back and just sign. I LOVE IT!! highly recommend an accountant (that you trust, obviously!)

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