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Has anyone gone back to school to get an advanced degree after having kids? Do you recommend it or regret it?”

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  • Hello,

    I graduated from my MBA in May 2008 from NYU, Stern School of Business; and I am the proud mom of 8 month old twin girls. I had to take a break from my corporate full time job since they were born 2 months prematurely and spent a long time in the hospital.

    I recently launched an exclusive, membership based, professional and social community for high profile women who are applying to, currently pursuing or graduated from a Top MBA program; and are already moms or plan to be so.

    The main purpose of this community is for us to connect with each other, to share our challenges and successes, to get support, to discuss topics that matter to us, to establish business connections and to socialize.

    As MBA women, we might have questions about how to best balance a top level education and career with motherhood. How do we do it? What do we have to sacrifice in order to do so? Was the MBA the right step in our careers? Was the MBA what helped you afford the best family life?....

    You can register now and get a Free Trial Membership and get this an many other questions answered from women who are in your same position, are currently pursuing an MBA, or already graduated from it; and have a family.

    Hope to see you there! Best, Diana-

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  • I finished my bachelor's degree at night when I was still married and my kids were small and then went back for paralegal certification when my marriage ended. I don't regret it at all because I can support myself and my kids and it gave me the courage to get out of a bad (but financially stable) marriage.

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  • You can try taking one class for now to see how you feel about going back to school, working, and being a mom - that way you won't feel too much pressure because you're not enrolled in a program. I'm currently working full time and have only a few courses left prior to completing my MBA. I just had my baby in Octobe, at which time I took some time off from school. If you decide that you want to pursue the degree, do it slowly and at a pace that's right for you and your family.

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  • I am going back to get my Associates Degree in Business Administration. I hope this will help me get a good job because I am tired of sitting at home everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Yes I did. In fact, I did it while my husband was deployed to Iraq. I received my Master's in Education from the University of Phoenix online. It took me just under a year (I doubled up on classes a couple of times to move it along a bit faster). I was also working full-time in the non-profit sector. I had several advantages at this time:
    1. It was online so I could dictate my schedule
    2. I was passionate about what I was learning - this is key!
    3. I was able to work my schedule so I could work from home a couple of days a week
    4. I had an amazing support system.

    The coolest thing is that my husband is now going back to school!!

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  • Yep, I started when my second daughter was 8 months old (my oldest was 3). I just finished it last November - so it took 4 years. It was challenging at times but worth it. Just about everyone doing it with me were parents (although I had the youngest kids) and the tutors and lecturers were very, very understanding and flexible.

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  • I had my first daughter half-way through my MBA program. I was working full-time and going to school part-time. Because I was working, I was able at times to do schoolwork at work. I also got tuition reimbursement from my work. Because I finished my MBA, I was able to get a good-paying job at a great organization and that made everything easier in terms of work/life balance. I was even able to work part-time when I started my business, so that made that transition easier as well. If there is something you really want that you will acheive with that degree, it will be worth it. If you wait, it will be that much longer until you finish.

    Good luck.

    Working Mom to 3

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  • Yes. I completed my Business degree while pregnant and my MBA afterwards. I kept working @ the same time too.

    The keys:
    +a working-adult centric program. Try
    +a supportive family / spouse.

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  • Thanks, everyone for such great insight! It's been extremely helpful. I've been thinking about pursuing an MBA for some time now, but have been a bit nervous (and by a bit nervous I mean extremely freaked out) about 1) the costs and 2) the commitment (especially from a time standpoint) 3) giving up a really good job and an income and 4) did I say the costs? For those of you who worked full-time and did school, I bow at your feet. I have a co-worker who just finished her MBA, but her kids are much older than mine -- one of them is already in college. She's the one that inspired me to do it but I'm stressed enough as it is with just the full-time job and the kids, I just couldn't do school too. Fortunately, we can afford for me not to work or work part-time while I do school and clearly that would make the experience alot more enjoyable. But again, reducing my income and paying tuition is daunting.

    If anyone else has any advice or would like to share their experience, please keep posting. I need all the moral support I can get! Thanks again!

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  • I finished my bachelors going full-time when my oldest was 0-2. That wasn't too bad because my husband worked, we had full-time daycare, and I was extremely motivated. I did a part-time evening MBA program when he was 4-6. It was more challenging since I also worked full-time, but definitely worthwhile. I don't even feel like it was the education or degree that was what made it worth it. It was more the sense of personal accomplishment that I got from school that I didn't get from my job or my home life.

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  • I am back to college right now with a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old. I am working part time and attending college full time and I am a single mom. It gets a little crazy but its worth it. I will have my associates in the fall then I work up to my masters.

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  • I began working on my MBA when my daughters were 4 and 8. I went to school part time and worked full time so it took me quite a while to finish. I went through an online program so most of my classes were online and could be done somewhat on my schedule (meaning all hours of the night). It was definitely difficult to finish it but it was COMPLETELY worth it! The added bonus was that my kids got to SEE how important that I think education is and got to celebrate my accomplishment with me. After I graduated, my 10 year old told me she wanted to get a master's degree too!

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