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How did you get your last job? Online job site, networking, career fair?”

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  • Yahoo! Hot Jobs

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  • The newspaper...2 years ago I was laid off and ended up finding a local IS position through the local paper, since it is an organization that is required to post their open positions in the local paper...I'm glad they did!

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  • Networking. I got my radio sales job when my real estate agent called and said there was a new radio station coming to the town we were looking for houses in and planning to move to. She gave me the name and number of the interviewers who were in town to conduct the interviewers. She knew I had applied to the other radio station, but they were hemming and hawing and didn't call back. This station on the other hand called me back on the Tuesday and offered me the job. I gave the other station one last chance because I like the music better - but they didn't get back to me that day so I accepted this station's offer and I'm glad I did! They are a great employer!

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  • I've found almost every job I've ever had through networking: family, friends, former co-workers. Now that I'm unemployed, though, I'm using all the tricks in the book to find something!

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  • I got my current job through an ad posted by a recruiter on an online job site. My previous job I got by networking - a former co-worker told me about the opening. And the 2 jobs before that I got through newspaper ads.

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  • I was contacted by the HR manager of my current company, who found my resume on I'd had alot of sham or scam jobs from there contact me, so I was skeptical. But here I am 2 years later working for a Fortune 500 company and loving every minute of it!

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  • The classifieds! Believe it or not, the newspaper still works! I'm a teacher:)

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  • I guess through networking. The summer between my jr and sr years in college, my mom heard through a coworker, that a friends of his was hiring a intern to do software development. I emailed the friend and explained how I heard about the job and attached my resume. They brought me in for an interview and hired me as an intern. After working there for the summer and doing some work from college for them, they offered me a full time position when I was around over spring break. I've been here for 3.5 years!

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  • like KathyHowe, i got pulled in by someone i had worked with previously. i think this is the BEST way to find a job, but not always easy if your network doenst include people in companies/jobs that you want! most of the time my jobs have been found through people i know...

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  • I am self-employed. I found clients by networking and advertising locally -- in neighbourhood papers, in the city-wide paper, on telephone poles, with flyers. Now that I'm established, it's ALL through word of mouth (i.e. networking).

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 8th January 2008

  • I've been in my current job for almost five years (!). I found it the old-fashioned way; they placed an ad for the position in the local paper, which ties in with, and that's how I learned of it. I mailed a resume, had a couple of interviews, and that was that.
    I've found nearly every job I've had that way.

    The only job I ever got through a recruiter turned out to be a bad move; you should never forget that they get paid by the hiring company once they make a placement, and they're more focused on that than they'll ever admit to a candidate.

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  • I used a recruiter to find my last job with great success. I used an online job site and sent out many resumes with a very, very low response rate.

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