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When things are not going well at your work - how long do you tend to wait before doing something about it? What do you do - start looking for another job or try to make your current job situation better? ”

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  • coach april, i totally agree! i would rather stay where i am (depending on how bad) than jump completely into something random. that said, i have been in a job that was that bad and made that jump and it turned out pretty good! so i think a lot has to do with what you are jumping into, your mindset to be open to new ideas/opportunities, and trying to figure out what you actually WANT so you can identify it either at your current job/company or at a new one. otherwise, as Alison said, you will just end up hating the new job because it is just like the old one!

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  • It seems like as soon as I start looking for another job, the situation gets (seemingly) better. This happened 3 times in the past couple years. I.e., I had a job offer, then got an unexpected mid-year raise and opportunity to do the new thing at my current company. Turned down the offer, but my happiness level didn't really improve even though my job tasks changed and $$ did. I think the key is to figure out the real "why" behind why things are not going well before you decide your plan of action. I have a good boss & great company, so I think my work troubles are more _job_ related. Getting another job won't likely help because I will keep getting the same kinds of jobs. Grrr.

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  • For me, it depends on the situation. If it feels like a temporary situation, I tend to wait it out. If it's something that doesn't look like it will get better anytime soon, I would start looking. My logic with that is that it takes some time to find the "right" job - if the situation turns around before I find a new job, that's great! If not, I'm moving forward to improve my own situation.

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