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Does anyone have any advice for a 24 year old wife, mother, full-time worker and student who longs to open her own online retail store and fashion boutique?”

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  • Thanks sop much for your encouraging words and. Suggestions ladies. VAmy, I'll look. Into that.

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  • Hi there. U should be proud of urself that in such small age u're doing lots of things at the same time. it means u're capable to manage several things at a time. By the way, i'm also 24, married, mother of a two months baby boy.

    Take care

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  • I have a friend who did just that. She started an online clothing boutique that she could work on in her spare time, but had to spend hours and hours advertising and getting fashion blogs to write about it.

    Then she found a kind of shopping mall called Spice Village, where unique boutiques rent space to display their stuff, but the cashier system is she doesn't actually have to BE there all day to handle the sales. She just goes in once or twice a week to arrange, restock, etc. Now she's about to open a second location in another one of these central-cashier malls.

    Check to see if there's something like that in your area.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Amy @ Go Ask Your Dad on 26th October 2010