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What is your favorite daytime drink -- coffee, tea, juice, water, something else? ”

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  • Coffee..all day

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mississippi Songbird on 10th February 2008

  • I have really gotten into white tea. It's filled with wonderful antioxidents and is very tasty. I also love water and, although I limit it to no more than two cups - coffee!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Anna B on 18th January 2008

  • Mocha milkshake is REALLY my favorite - but generally I opt for coffee in the am - maybe a special treat of hazlenut syrup once in a while and water for the remainder of the day. Milk with dinner - I come from farm country! and when I need a little de-stress a Kaluah and cream before bed.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Pammy on 14th January 2008

  • Oh mostly I go for tea or coffee. I am not really into cold drinks so I go for the hot ones.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cynthia on 13th January 2008

  • Sounds silly, but water or milk. (The milk started after i began breastfeeding ... my mom and grandma said it makes creamier BM for the baby. Not sure, but I figure it wouldn't hurt!)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KC on 11th January 2008

  • Mmm. What I DO drink: Decaf tea with a splash of milk. Usually at least 2-3 cups a day. It's cheap, low-cal, pretty harmless. Nicer than water, but won't make me hyper like coffee. What I'd LIKE to drink every day: lattes.

    Ooh, and speaking of coffee, when I used to have a stressful office job, I used to run over to Starbucks for a misto. It's not on their menu, but they'll make it for you anyway. It's like a latte, but with more espresso, so more of a punch when you need a lift. Try it!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 11th January 2008

  • Vodka. Just kidding. I have coffee in the morning and then water the rest of the day. Some days I need a real Coke to keep me going. When I was still doing consulting in addition to my own business, I would reward myself with Starbucks for making the drive into the office.

    Working Mom to 3

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by AmyE on 10th January 2008

  • I drink water all day long. I'm trying to cut back on Starbucks but really need it some days!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by April Mims, Career Coach on 10th January 2008

  • coffee-cappucino-mmm love a real good cappucino in the morning it gets me energized and ready for a hard day at work!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mara on 10th January 2008

  • I drink two cups of black tea in a day, and a lot of water. Tea dehydrates you a bit, and I hate feeling dehydrated.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 10th January 2008

  • hehe favorite is starbucks skim anything! but i usually also have a bottle of water going :) always makes me feel refreshed! plus forces me to get up at least once every couple of hours ;) hahaha

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 9th January 2008

  • Latte! Really helps me to get refocused and energized! :) but you probably already know this! :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 9th January 2008

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