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my daughters is teething, she has a high temp, wont stop crying, and she is bitting everything. About how long will this last?”

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  • My kids all got low grade fevers when teething but it shouldn't last too long otherwise it is probably something else.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Telecommuting Mom on 9th November 2010

  • If her temperature is higher that 100 it is not teething. She might have an ear infection but you should call your doctor.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Debbie Adams on 9th November 2010

  • Hi, I am a mom of 3 grown kids and a family daycare provider for 28 is my don't run high temperatures just from teething. You need to take your baby to the doctor. I hope this helps, I don't mean to worry you, but I think there is something else going on besides teething.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by marilyncorliss on 9th November 2010