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When do you make time for exercise? I've started running again after a long time off, which was partly because there just didn't seem to be any time for it. Then I realized that since I'm not much of an early bird that I would start running at night. So after my daughter goes to sleep, I kiss my hubby, say that I'll be careful, and head out the door for a late night run. Seems to work for me so far. How about you?”

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  • I have run both in the mornings and at night. I find I'm too exhausted after the kids are bed to make myself go. I do get a better workout in at night since I have eaten. So, I'm mixing it up. 2 days a week I run at 5:45 am with my dog and mace. 3 days a week I work out in the evening on the punching bag, weights, etc in my bonus room. Then on the weekends I run and do misc exercise with the family. Good luck finding the right time for you! The key is to make it a priority!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen on 13th December 2010

  • I'm still trying to work it out. I'm not great at getting out of bed but my partner works nights so I've been walking in the late morning with a friend and the double pushchair, its not exactly the kind of exercise I want. I think I have to bite the bullet and realise that I need to get up earlier and start swimming and running on alternating mornings.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kaybeejaenq on 13th December 2010

  • I walk my daughter to school every morning and immediately go for a run. It has really worked out. I go for a quick 3 miles and get my day started!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MariaC on 27th November 2010

  • usually in the morning after I take the kids to school, if I don't have an early shift at work.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ilovecoupons on 26th November 2010

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