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Has anyone ever hired someone to assist in writing a business plan. My is 80% complete, and would like to find someone to work with me on some of the details. I could do Craigslist but am always a little nervous getting someone with out recommendations.”

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  • Thanks Natalay,

    It is the financial part. I actually hunkered down last night and starting just pounding away. I will get there. Now I just have about 10% to complete. I don't think graphs and charts are necessary do you?
    I will be sendoing it out to VC's soon. It is about 12 pages - too long? I bought the Palo Alto Software - business plans. Anything you could tell me from your experience working at a VC would be so WELCOME. I am so eager to get this going....thanks!

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  • I haven't done this but know people who have. Results are mixed and I think it really depends on what you're looking for. Is it financials? Overall format? A specific section? (Keep in mind, from my experience as an investor, all you need is 7-10 pages. The days of 30 page long business plans are over!)

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  • Thanks - never posted there and your idea is a good one. I willl try that.
    Thanks Again. I appreciate the congrats.

    Hope you sleep better tonight.

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  • I have no experience with this but I have TONS of experience w/ craigslist and writing ads for there. You need to say that only people with recs should apply and then go ahead and call those recs. I love craigslist and have gotten both work for myself and babysitters through the site. Good luck and congrats on being that far into your plan!

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