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How do you get your toddler to sleep on airplanes, or do you? We just got back from our 7th trip on an airplane over the past 16 months, and besides maybe the first time, we've only been able to get our toddler to sleep in a carrier for 20 minutes, and then he's pooped for the rest of the day. I'm wondering has any had any luck with this? And what time of day do you find works the best? We've tried every time of day except over night flights. We LOVE to travel, and we like having August, our son, with us, but it's hard to motivate to take a trip when we can't get him to sleep!”

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  • Gravol. That way if you hit unexpected turbeulence you are covered. You can't give it to them when you are in it it has to be before. If you are going south an island it is also helpful as well as the buses in those countries combined with poor condition of the buses doesn't sit well with their little tummies at all. Trust me turbulence happened to me once (adults were sick everywhere while my 5 year old made car racing sounds moving with the plane like it was a 3D arcade video game), and the bus thing happened to us at 2 1/2 years old and I also saw it happen to an 8 year old who unfortunately ended up at the back of a bus leaving a cruise ship for the airport.

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  • I too have had this problem, and it seems when I stopped thinking about him sleeping and started giving him things to work on he would get tired and fall asleep. So bring activities, ask him questions about the airport and make it more of an adventure then a chore. When you are in the airport ask him to find things keep their mind working then that will make them tired and also it is fun to find out their thoughts about the whole airport thing.

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