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For single moms, what are your thoughts on dating? It has always seemed that between working and being a mama I couldn't even think about fitting a significant other into the mix but recently I've been a bit more curious about the possibility.”

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  • I think you can but proceed but proceed with caution. I too am a single mom, decided to date and lucked up on a really great guy who has been in our lives for 3 years. We started out as friends and really got to know each other before I even decided to do the formal introduction. I waited a year into our friendship to introduce him as just that. Now the kids can't get enough of him and he has proven to be a real "Steven Keaton/Cliff Huxtable". We do everything as a newly formed family.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by PureMadre on 20th January 2011

  • I don't really think about it. Between working full-time and being the only parent to my two 4-year-olds, I don't see it happening any time soon. With only a few hours most days to spend with my kids, I don't want it to be less. Besides, I'd have to ask someone to sit with my kids and have to explain myself to all kinds of people (including the kids) . . . it would take a really interesting guy to tempt me to do that.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SKL on 11th January 2011

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