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I have a tiny shop/kiosk in a town centre, the business that i do at the moment has gone very quiet, because of new out of town shopping centres and internet shopping. What might b e a successful new business to try there ?”

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  • I have had a family member who worked in a Kiosk, but was only successful for the holidays. It was a kiosk for picture frames and home accessories with motivational religous quotes. They said it was a great experience, but only made enough money to not be in the red. I have come a cross a product that I can not do at the moment because of my own funds being low, but as a mother and some one who would like to own their own business I have some great information I would love to share with you. Let me know if you want to know more. It is a business you can do from anywhere as long as you are motivated and a good speaker. Oh and also like to use those "keeping you look younger" lotions!

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  • Do you have a website for your business as well as the kiosk? I would suggest marketing, your business. Radio commercials, facebook, etc

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