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Do you show your blog to clients and potential clients? Not referring to ones that come from your blog, of course, lol. Mine is about my quest to become a full time freelancer, for example - I'm wondering if I should send the link out to clients and prospects from other sources? I might indirectly refer to some of them, though, so maybe that would be bad (for example saying I've got a new prospect, or I just signed a contract with a new client, etc.) But the blog itself shows more of "ME" that might give the client/prospect a more personal touch, and will also help show credibility as far as expertise, etc. I'm torn, lol...”

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  • Oh, this sounds like an exercise in creating your personal 'brand' that Kathy Howe has been talking about on her blog here at WIM. Have you read her yet? Go check her out at "Who Stole My Stapler?" I'll bet she'll have some useful information on it. Also Mir at Cornered Office, who is a full-time freelancer and has a personal blog -- which, so I understand, actually makes her money!! (Woo-hoo, blogging for pay!)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 18th January 2008