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Has anyone decorated a booth at a convention before? I have a new company, with limited funds but I have secured a booth at the upcoming Albany Kids Expo. I would like to hang pictures in the booth but have no idea how to do that. Any ideas?”

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  • Thank you everyone for the great advice. I submitted an article with the twists and turns of the experience of my first Expo at

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  • I have lots of experience with this one! (Both with doing my own booths and in plannng an entire trade show.) First, think BIG, not EXPENSIVE! Depending on the location of your booth, if you're one of the first booths, the best thing to give away is the plastic bags for the attendees to carry their goodies in........each person will carry YOUR LOGO and advertising throughout the night, and become a walking billboard for you. Another inexpensive idea is to have helium balloons with your logo/company name on them.......some people won't want to carry your balloon all night, so you put a 'prize' in SOME of them. Tell the attendees that they can't pop their balloon till a certain time at the end of the night, and if they win, they can come by your booth to collect their prize.....depending on your budget, it could be a gift certificate; a free product or service from your business; a prepaid phone card; even an inexpensive am/fm headset. Again, the people will be walking advertising for you all night. Another great give-away is computer mousepads.......if yours is cute and catchy, it'll stay on their desk! Try to be a little unique....everyone gets so many cheap keychains, pens, soda huggers and magnets!

    To display your pictures, if you don't have a vertical backdrop, you can use a 3-panel room divider to create your own 'wall' and put pictures on that. (Just make sure you secure it, so it can't fall into your neighbor's booth behind you!)

    If you need to round-out your booth, you can always use plants for 'filler.' A few larger items work much better than a bunch of little items, which tend to look cluttered.

    Good Luck!

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  • Claire - yes, we got really frugal about it and just used huge clips to clip our books to the banner at the bottom - this was a nice touch, actually, filled out the booth and made the items part of the decorations.

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  • I did not give out balloons> They were more for decorative purposes and I gave out these really kool foam boomerangs with my logo on them>(sorry my period button is not working)i orderd five hundred i also did a raffel for a kids digital camera which brought a lot of people over to the table SOMETHING WACKY IS GOING ON WITH MY COMPUTER $!)#@($(#$)(#* NONE OF THE BUTTONS ARE WORKING CORRECTLY> SORRY

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  • My experience at an expo was good, but this is my two cents: If you want to bring treats, candy is good, but be sure to not take a lot of chocolate. People tend to skim tables for the goodies, and will take big handfuls of chocolate. Fruit is a good choice. It doesn't go fast (unfortunately) and looks nice in a basket. Rulers of somesort are also nice. Even the six inch ones. For some reason people like those, and some are not that expensive. Squeeze balls are also hot items to give away. Also, If you want to get a mailing list, do a gift basket give away, to be mailed to them after the expo is over. (Be sure to have an example there.)

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  • Thank you for the great ideas. Nataly - I will check out Kinko's, I just assumed they would be too expensive. Also, it was helpful to look at the picture of your booth. Looks like you had something clipped to your banner. Pammy, the foam board was what I was originally thinking about but couldn't figure out how to put it up - so the foarm boards must not be that heavy if ribbon and velcro will hold them? How big of a picture would you suggest. I was hoping to get at least two pictures up. The back drape is 8 feet high (maybe 10 feet wide).

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Claire on 20th January 2008

  • Do you have a Kinko's nearby? They have really good prices and I even saw something you can do for $30 or so -- they could put your company logo on a backdrop or something like that.

    I agree with balloons and matching shirts -- when my husband and I did a booth for our publishing company, we did this, and people started to recognize the brand: here's a photo:)

    (The backdrop we got done for not that much money at Kinko's btw)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 19th January 2008

  • Does the booth include a back curtain or is there any kind of back drop for you to start with? How big are the pictures? consider mounting them on foam board and then you can use ribbon and velcro to hand them off the frame of the curtain. My husband & I have done a few similar displays. Feel free to email me details and I'll offer suggestions if I can.

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  • How much candy did you take? The demographics for this expo are 8-12,000 people. I'm having a hard time deciding how much I might need. Funny you mentioned balloons - my new angle is to blow up balloons and hand them out with our logo on it to attract the children and then I can talk to the parents. My husband had to bring me back to reality on that one too. I found online that I could get 10,000 balloons for a reasonable price but he reminded me how many hours I would be there and how many balloons I could blow up in that time and we stopped at 1,000 - woops! Good thing I hadn't ordered the 10,000 balloons.

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  • I did recently. They supplies the table clothes, chairs and a waste basket.
    I went to a discount party supply store and found ballons that was similiar in vide my logo. I also bought candy that matched the colors in my logo and put them in a clear bowl. Everyone loves candy - so I got a lot of people to stop by. My husband and I also wore matching shirts with my logo. If you can buy flowers that is always a nice touch. Do they supply a banner with your company name? Also if you want to use a laptop, make sure they can support that. Good luck and have fun!

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