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Do you know someone who could sell a glass of sand in the desert while you couldn't sell a tall cool glass of water? Why?”

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  • My husband is the natural salesman. As I was going through his books for his electrical business for last year, I noticed he did two or more jobs for a significant number of customers (I haven't done the math on the percentage yet). He does the original work that they contact him about, then he upsells them on other stuff. I think he does so well because he doesn't ever think about he can make more money off his customers, he just naturally gets into conversations with the customers and starts saying, "You know what would look really great over here?" He's completely sincere, and he also is very interested in people and is great at building relationships. Very frustrating to me because I am not a people person and if I tried to do the same thing, it would come off like I was working someone over to make a buck.

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  • Ha ha. Yes! I have a research project that is in a holding pattern because I have a difficult time "selling it" to possible participants. My own theory is that I respect people's autonomy and assume that "no" means "no." I am told that I need to convince people that "no" really means "yes," like what successful salesmen do.

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