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What's a great way to stick to a diet if you are a wife, mother, full time student and a full time employee?”

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  • Thanks ladies!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Krystle R. on 23rd March 2011

  • I understand your pain here. There doesn't seem like enough hours in the day for you. It does take some planning to package your good foods ahead of time. Take them with you so you won't be tempted to hit the vending machine. If you have it there you will be more likely to make the better choice. Good luck!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by kristinpeoples on 14th March 2011

  • I forgot the most important thing...Good Luck!!! What a full load!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Beaniemommie on 24th February 2011

  • If you have time (hahaha)...prepackage all the snacks. When you don't have time, learn what restaurants have the most sensible meal for you. Even gas stations that you frequent to fill up your car have sensible snacks. When I was pregnant with my second child, we were selling our house (and moving into another one) and I was working full time, and then the dr put me on the gestational diabetes diet. Just one more thing to keep up with...right?!?! Having a week's worth of snacks ready to grab anytime and knowing at that gas station there is a taco stand that I can get an egg taco got me through several crazy mornings. Also knowing how to read the nutritional labels For example, 15g of carbs was 1 carb serving, so if something had 20 grams, I just wouldn't eat the whole serving, if it were 30, I'd eat half. I also learned my "cheats" or things that I could have occassionally that didn't ruin my diet and sugar 1 carb serving = 5 hershey kisses, add a protein and you have a snack!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Beaniemommie on 24th February 2011