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How long was your maternity leave and was it paid?”

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  • With my son 6 years ago, I took 6 weeks at half pay. With my daughter this past fall, I took 12 weeks. I got 6 weeks at half pay, 6 weeks unpaid, and the equivalent of 2 weeks' pay with my disability insurance.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by alanaransley on 23rd January 2008

  • I took 9 weeks. Two weeks paid 100%, 6 weeks paid 70%, 1 week unpaid.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MamaBoone on 22nd January 2008

  • If I had taken maternity leave I wouldn't have gotten any money. So I didn't take any. It really wasn't a big deal because physically it was easier to work after the babies were born and I was really glad for the normalcy of the work.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 22nd January 2008

  • I know I was lucky -- 3 months, paid. I was working at a very small firm and not sure what I would have done if they said no when I asked for this, since companies under 50 employees don't have to follow any of the standard leave laws.

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  • Last time it was 9 weeks, 8 weeks at 66% through short term disability. This time around (different employer), I will take 8 weeks off and 4 will be paid (full)

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