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What was your thing in high school? Band geek? Student council? Athlete? Slacker? Do you still fit that stereotype?”

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  • I was in Choir and Drama...I always wanted to be a Rock

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  • band geek for the first couple of years. then i quit in 11th grade because we had a horrible new band teacher. after that i kind of floated from group to group, but i went to two different high schools and they were complete opposites. one school, if you weren't in a "clique" you were a complete social outcast. the next school was made up of all the outcasts, so we all got along pretty well.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by babs on 4th February 2008

  • I'm not really familiar with the show, but I'm going to guess there was a lot of "Ugly Betty" in me. Long straight brown hair, never styled so it never looked really good, plastic frame glasses, braces, little fashion sense ($ was always tight in our single-parent household anyway), never got much attention from boys, tended to befriend others who were not "in," but my individual friends didn't constitute a group either. - Paula.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by tkd_mama on 31st January 2008

  • I didn't really fit into any group - I was a 'techie' and hung out backstage in the theatre mostly, but also was in choir and played soccer (poorly) for 2 years. I pretty much had my nose in a book all the way through school too, so that's probably what most people would remember about me. Other than not having time to read much, I probably haven't changed a ton...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on 26th January 2008

  • ha i had my group of friends and we would hang at my house and just watch tv and make crazy food from whatever was in the pantry! I would branch out and have friends in various other groups as well, but this group was pretty consistant. I was in chorus, had friends in band, was in plays, and had friends that were 'popular/preppy' and others that were considered 'weird' or 'goth' or whatever you want to call them (at our school they were the 'gutter people' which is HYSTERICAL to me now!) ... i was sort of all over the place!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 26th January 2008

  • I had more extracurriculars than classes during high school -- my parents figured that if they kept me busy, I'd have no time to date (or get in trouble), and it worked. So I played varsity in three sports (field hockey, fencing, and lacrosse), played violin in the orchestra, was in the chorus of the spring musical, on the tech squad for the fall play, ran the school newspaper, contributed to the year book and literary mag, sang in an a capella group, was in student government, Amnesty International, and a peer-to-peer support program. There were a few other groups, too, but those were the biggies...

    Gah, just looking at that list makes me tired now...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 25th January 2008

  • I didn't fit into a stereotype. I changed "groups" often in high school because I disliked being pinpointed as one type of student.

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  • I was a theater geek. I loved performing, especially musical theater. No one would ever guess that now -- I'm quiet and reserved. Always have been, but theater allowed me to come out of my shell and be a totally different person on-stage. Unfortunately, I haven't done any performing since high school.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Amy@UWM on 25th January 2008

  • I was in the band. Why would that be geeky? In my school, it was cool. We were creative and fun and known to be good partiers. I think I still have two of those three!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 25th January 2008

  • I was part of a group of smart kids but we weren't was actually pretty cool to be smart at my high school, which was fairly academic. We were not partiers - our group mostly hung out at each other's houses watching videos and playing board games - but we weren't picked on by the "popular" crowd either, in fact most of us had at least one friend in that crowd we got along well with.

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  • Nerd AND athlete. (Is that possible? ha ha) My problem ended up being that I would tell my coach how to coach. NOT a good idea, if you want to play. Haha.

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  • I was a band geek..luckily people thought I was cool because I was a girl drummer...

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