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How can I get my kids to eat healthier?”

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  • You might allow them to help plan the menu. Don't keep snack foods in places where kids can help themselves to it whenever they want.

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  • Don't offer unhealthy food, for starters. When my kids were younger, I'd serve the veggies first and then the starchy stuff after the veggies were eaten. Always offer at least one fruit or veggie that your kid tolerates at each meal. Even if not much is eaten, the child gets used to the idea of eating fruits/veggies regularly. In moderation, offer yummy stuff to make less appreciated food more palateable, e.g., a bit of ketchup, peanut butter, or flavored yogurt for a dip. Offer certain foods buffet-style so the child makes a choice to eat and isn't overwhelmed by the quantity on his plate. Model healthy eating by choosing similarly for yourself. Good luck!

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  • I have found that if you can make the food LOOK fun, like cutting sandwiches in fun shapes (ex: I have a Pampered Chef sandwich press that makes the sandwiches round and seals them around the edges)

    Make a fun veggie or fruit bowl of rainbow colors, add some yummy dip.

    Give the kids options of 2 or three items to eat, and that way they feel like they "chose" to eat them!

    Don't be afraid to use food coloring to add to certain things too! Drinks, dips, draw on sandwiches. You may find you have just as much fun creating these fun foods as your kids will eating them!

    Hope this helps! :)

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