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Do you do something romantic on Valentine's Day? Is it a surprise or something you plan with your significant other?”

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  • It is sad to see so many people do nothing, or very little on this day for their love one. It is WONDERFUL to be spontaneous and to leave little notes, candy, flowers, and gifts just because. However, this is a day to really show your significant other how much you appreciate them.
    I choose to listen for what my love is interested in, or something that she wants to do, or some where she would like to go. I tuck that information away and when I feel I want to express my love it is always something that shows her I care and I listen.

    I am planning a trip to Catalina Island where I hope to find a B & B with a roman tub, or better yet a free standing tub.
    The day will start by giving her a beautiful bouquet of Gerber dine Daisies, which are one of her favorite flowers. She only knows to pack for an overnight trip, and she's excited. Inside the room I’ll have a bouquet of Sunflowers to greet her. (her other favorite flower) On the bed will be a small box of key lime truffles (her favorite) in the bath the candles will illuminate the already drawn bubble bath waiting for her.

    Have fun with V-day and each other that is the point.

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  • We definitely try and do something without the kids. This year we are going on a "date" the 15th to a relaxing accoustic concert. It is so important to have these times. But on Valentine's Day we celebrate with the kids, special dinner and dessert and simple gifts.

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  • Usually exchange cards - quite often the same one from a previous year - it's a funny THING we do with each other; some special cuddle time if we can sneak it in before little one awakens. If I have time I try to make his favorite dessert ,cheescake and if he remembers I might get some champagne roses - but perhaps not. It is not a big thing with us either way,my son's b-day is the same time so we generally focus there.

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  • My husband and i don't celebrate Valentine's Day on the 14th. We like to surprise each other with surprises throughout the year. That way we aren't expecting something on a certain day and it helps keep things fresh.

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  • Well considering it's our anniversary...I'd say it's kind of special :-) This year I'm adding the launch of Relationship Talk Radio to the mix, yikes 7 days and there's still work to be done on the website and I haven't sent out the press release yet...what was I thinking getting into this??

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  • We don't really do anything special, I usually give my hubby a card since I buy cards for my kids I get one for him at the same time.

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  • Just another day for us. We would rather save our money and ideas for our wedding anv. in April. It is somewhat of a big deal for our son who is 5. So we will do something special for him.

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  • Sometimes we buy gifts, sometimes we don't. After the holidays, we aren't always excited to be spending more money. We do try to at least watch movies together and cook something special. This year, he bought me the cutest chihuahua, so I got my gift a week early.

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  • We used to exchange gifts that always had a preset theme, something to avoid the standard flowers, chocolate, perfume... Now that we have two little boys we exchange cards and maybe watch a movie together that night. I miss the fun of shopping and getting dressed up, but these days I'm grateful for not having to put the extra effort in.

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  • We don't really do anything special. For us it is just another day. We can do something romantic anytime. Don't need a holiday to make it happen.

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  • We don't usually do anything on Valentine's Day. Pretty much just another day around here! We usually both forget until the holiday has already passed. Thankfully neither of us mind, so it works out okay.

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  • We don't really do anything for Valnetine's day. Maybe exchange cards and have a nice dinner at home, but we don't go out of our way to plan something. Our wedding anniversary is the week before, so we figure if we get out once during the month of Feb for a date night that usually covers both!

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