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Does anyone else feel nervous about voting today? What has helped you to make up your mind?”

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  • i am in a state that doesnt vote today but i am SO EXCITED to see what happens! and then when i get to vote it will be even MORE exciting :) love it!

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  • Like you, Mandy, I'm really excited. What helped me decide is precisely what Paula doesn't care about: electability. I'm fortunate in that both candidates my party is putting forward are people I admire and have positions I support (since they have 90% overlap). The thing that did it for me is that the other party seems to salivate at the chance to go after one candidate and that might hurt that candidate's possibility of being elected. And the other? I just find the person extremely inspiring.

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  • In Massachusetts you can ask for either party ballot when you check in. I think I've finally decided! This is a big step for me b/c when I posted this question I still had no clue. This whole process has me very excited!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 5th February 2008

  • I don't get to vote today, or in any primary since I'm registered independent. I dropped my party affiliation 7 years ago when I couldn't get on board with either side. I know, I know, it might be a better choice to just pick one so you don't lose your ability to participate in primaries, but I had my reasons. . .

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  • Actually, I feel OK about voting today. I like both the leading candidates in my party, so it doesn't trouble me if the one I vote for is not the one who ends up getting the nomination. As far as the issue of who has better "electability" in the Nov election, I'm not a fan of that frame of thinking. I leave it up to the candidate to convince voters of his or her merit. - Paula.

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