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Do your kids do Valentine's Day at school? What are some quick, easy, fun Valentine's Day crafts that kids can make for their friends or teachers? ”

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  • My 2nd grader's class does the cards. What's more -- and I hate to sound like an ungrateful witch -- some families distribute these really, really CHEAP, lousy quality candies. I know, I know, it's the thought that counts, but I wish they'd save their money on what is basically garbage merchandise. - Paula.

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  • Having a child in middle school, they don't normally do the traditional treats. What we have done, is create heart-shaped magnets . Using a standard heart shaped candy mold, we pour plaster of paris into the molds. Allow to dry, and paint them with acrylic paints. You can get really creative with these, even write different kid's names on them, - whatever you like. We then hot-glue a round magnet to the back. So simple, yet the kids really appreciate them. Her friends use them inside their lockers to hang up reminder notes to themselves. We have fun making them together, and the kids really appreciate them, and it's something that lasts way longer than candy!

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  • Glue heart shaped cookie cutter with their picture inside it to a piece of construction paper and have them decorate and write something.
    Go to the antique store find an old spoon and melt choclate in the microwave and dip the spoon let it dry and tie a bow around a piece of plastic wrap.

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  • love the Search Word puzzle idea! I'm going to try that with my son. They do cards and a little party. Our schools ban food items, so the puzzle is a very cute party idea for the kids. Many people hand make cards (like, amazing cards), but we opt for whatever the grocery is selling.

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  • Depends on the age group, but my son and I created a Search Word puzzle of all the kids names (and teacher's name) and print them on Valentine color paper to pass out to everyone.

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  • Mine to the Tradtional Cards and party. We jsut got the class lists this week. They make their boxes during school and get prettu excited as the months goes on.

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  • has cute valentine sun catchers that look easy and are cute.

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