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What is your favorite cheap date night idea?”

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  • Going to a bookstore. We almost always wind up there after a dinner out.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mother's den on 16th November 2009

  • Snuggling on the couch with a bottle of red wine and a downloaded movie (Amazon Unbox)!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by relaxnsmile on 19th March 2008

  • If you live in a college town, you can check and see what the students are up to -- student performances at a music or drama school are often free or cost next to nothing to see (and are usually pretty great!)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 12th February 2008

  • Grab some favorite snacks and drinks and grab your spouse and go for a drive. Then "park" at a dark secluded spot. Listen to a cd or radio (finally no children's music!). Talk, eat, drink and let things flow...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SK on 12th February 2008

  • Hanging out at Barnes & Noble - the food at the cafe isn't expensive, and there's always something interesting to browse through.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Andrea on 9th February 2008

  • One of the best dates my husband took me on cost about $20. We went ice skating on an outdoor rink in the middle of the city of Valentines Day. With the snow falling softly, it was very romantic. And fun! If you live somewhere warm or in a place that doesn't have an ice rink, rollerskating could stand in. It would be like a time-warp back to doing couple-skates as teenagers. Kind of cheesy, but perfect for those who like their romance to be a little more quirky than serious.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by stajahnke on 9th February 2008

  • Dropping Mr. Baby with my parents, getting WAY too dressed up (because we hardly ever get a chance to) for dinner at a cheap restaurant just down the road, then out to the casino for free music and dancing. That's about a $13 date! Sweet!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by heels on 9th February 2008

  • Best cheap date night now is we have the house to ourselves. We order pizza, get a couple beers and challenge each other in TV Scene it or Wii!!! May sound boring to some but we have a good time!~

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jennie on 8th February 2008

  • Making an old-fashioned picnic basket with the wine, meats/cheeses, fruit, muffins, some good china and candles. I would then clear the entire living room floor, darken the entire house, turn on some classical soothing tunes, and spread a cozy blanket or tablecloth on the floor. Add a few plants around the side - and voila! The perfect, cozy picnic for those cold nights - snuggles and cuddles and good food galore!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Debra M. on 8th February 2008

  • We recreate the first date we had at his apartment. He cooks for me, lights candles, opens a lovely bottle of wine - then we eat sitting on pillows around the coffee table (He did not have a dining room table then!) Re-creating the atmosphere, gives us that falling-in-love excitement all over again. The child stays at Grandma's for the night. :-)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Local Mom on 8th February 2008

  • When it is warmer out...there are 2 drive in movie theaters near our to and dad to the are able to bring blankets and watch the movie while laying under the stars...$10 tops!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by chicken on 8th February 2008

  • Put the little one to bed, grab a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, put on a frozen pizza, and go thru old cd's, listening to some of our favorite tunes.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by amaras_mom on 7th February 2008