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Hi, I've been struggling with lunch menus. So this is a question to moms working full time, and my apologies if it seems invasive. But what do you pack for yourselves and your spouse in your lunch bag? Also, I'm trying to get a handle on what proportion of working moms eat out during the day. Thanks very much. ”

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  • In these cold winter days - SOUp and aslice or french bread or hard role is my choice. I try to keep some of the pre-made convenience ones at the shop for days I don't have some homemade leftovers, along with oyster crackers. These are expensive BUT cheaper than going out so it is a calculated splurge. I also like a turkey wrap with some apple slice, cheese and maple cream or maple butter. Summer - if I can get it together my preferenace is a nice greens salad with some fresh fruit, crasins, and poopyseed dressing. Leftovers are a good option too

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  • I start munching around 11am. I bring a small package of baby carrots, sometimes cherry tomatoes, two pieces of fruit, a yogurt and either a bottle of water or a coke zero. I eat one item probably every 30 minutes until around 2pm. That keeps me going. I want stuff that I can throw in a bag without any prep ahead of time. If there are leftovers, I might bring those, but usually I prefer the grazing lunch.

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  • haha oh i am one of those that SAYS i am going to bring my lunch... but usually end up going out or to the cafeteria at work (dont get excited, the 'salad' bar is often out of lettuce... annoying to say the least! But they do make a decent grilled cheese...). i do keep a stash of soup and packaged noodle things in my desk just incase :)

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  • Hmm, I categorize invasive as something I wouldn't share with you under the bright lights of the office. LOL.
    I try (key word is try) to make a pot of chili, or soup, or prep ingredients for salads for the week on sundays for my lunch. I do eat out once or twice a week (take out) depending on the budget, or sometimes, get a soup here at work. I keep a basket of fruit on the table, and grab a couple of pieces each day and I'm done. Sometimes I grab a container of hummus and pre cut veggies and munch that throughout the day.

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  • Sigh...the joys of living in the West. I live in India so we have practically no pre-packaged stuff: no canned tomatoes, even! We do everything from scratch - no wonder I've been struggling, especially given my husband's fussiness. :) Anyway, on the really bad days, I carry veggies - basically the sandwich filling materials that tkd_mamma mentions. We have a fridge and microwave at work (thank heavens for small mercies). My colleagues find it a bit weird, but well, they don't have fussy husbands. Soups are a great idea. I do some nice from-scratch stuff as well. I should make it the previous night and carry it to work. Thanks everyone, and please keep those ideas coming. :) :) :)

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  • I usually eat soup in the winter, or frozen Lean Cuisine for lunch. In the summer it varries a lot more with salads:
    1. (spinach, turkey bacon, red onion, blue cheese, walnuts, and balsamic vinagrette) or
    2. (baby greens, blue cheese, pine nuts, pears orstrawberries or raspberries or dried cranberries with raspberry vinagrette),
    3. hummus or turkey wraps (spinach wrap, hummus or turkey, lettuce, cheese, and tomato),
    4. Southwest chicken Cous Cous (Prepackaged southwest flavor chicken strips, red pepper[chopped], box of pine nut cous cous[follow microwave directions]),
    5. Leftovers (lasagna, beef stroganoff, red beans and rice with smoked sausage, or chicken and rice)

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  • A great question -- I need some new ideas also. I like a turkey and avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread, or leftovers from the night before in a tupperware container. Do you have a microwave at work? I sometimes bring soup and warm it up. PB&J is also a favorite. I also have a bunch of snacks -- just one sandwich doesn't carry me the full day. Right now the Fiber One Protein bar -- Chocolate and Oats! -- is my favorite snack.

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  • I go pretty quick and easy -I usually have cans of Amy's Organic soups, Annie's Homegrown instant mac and cheese , and pita bread and almond butter on hand.

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  • Invasive? Heck no! :-) My pleasure to answer. Usually my approach to lunch is to bring sandwich filling materials and leave them in a sturdy bag with my name on it in the office fridge. I bring two slices of bread every day, plus a yogurt and/or fruit. I assemble my lunch at work b/c the sandwich would be soggy if I did it in the morning. The cold cuts and tomato/pickle don't take up a lot of room. I usually also stash a small container of mustard in that bag; I don't have to refill it often. I'm the kind of person for whom one sandwich is not enough for lunch. So I usually bring a bit of leftovers every day from the previous night's dinner to supplement. (We have a microwave at work so I can reheat if necessary.)
    Hubby brings a PB&J sandwich & fruit/carrot. He NEVER varies it, and it suits him fine! Me, I have to vary it a little sometimes. - Paula.

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