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Any tips from moms that are cutting back hours at work...I'm quitting a full time job and will likely work very part time 10-15 hours a week. How do you keep your identity if you become more of a "stay-home mom" and less of a "working mom"? ”

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  • I am a social worker. Chartiy and volunteering is soooooo what I do for a living. I like the idea of taking time to raise the kidos and taking time out for me. Thanks ladies ;)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by malena on 12th February 2008

  • Your job is not YOUR identity. What are your interests or hobbies? Have you considered volunteering or doing charity work? There is so much more to life than work. Raising a family in this day and age is no easy task - be proud of what you CAN do and don't worry about what you CAN'T.

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  • can start a home based business, which will keep you active in socializing. What I have done is volunteer at my kids' school and at the church a day or two a week for a couple hours. I am able to meet other Moms, and it gives me a sense of self and accomplishment aside from being a Mom. It was hard for me right at first when I left my full-time career, but after a while, I absolutely loved it!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Naturalsoycandles on 7th February 2008