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Do you love the community where you live ? Why or why not?”

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  • I do and yet dont like the community I live in but I do make the best of it . I do try to give back to my community help those in need. Help them find employment but it weighs down on my family and I . There's only so much I can do as a person. So what I do is leave it in God's hand . My community is struggling but I always keep the faith and encourage. I love my community very much but one thing I do realize is that bad influences affect the community and people make the community .

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  • Not so much. I miss the city terribly. I grew up outside the city and always wanted to live in a city for the rest of my life. My husband grew up a city boy and wants a nice backyard for the kids. So when we retire we are going to retire in NYC. We won't need a car which is great b/c DH not a great driver - drives like a Senior now.
    I do not have a lot of kids on my street which would be really nice for our kids. That is what we will look for next.

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  • I also grew up a city girl and now live outside of Chicago. I love where I live. The area where I live is multi-ethnic, mixed income and accepting of others and it isn't even a "hippie" sort of "left-wing" kinda place. Which isn't bad if thats what your looking for. It's the kinda place where you can have a cubscout meeting and a Cinco de Mayo celebration all in the same week.

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  • I'm not really crazy about where we live, to be honest. Part of it is a personality thing: I grew up a city girl, and my current "city" (it's really more like suburbia to me) doesn't have the social & cultural offerings (not to mention the restaurants & stores...mostly dime-a-dozen chain establishments, mostly in malls, and/or they're just not that good) that a city has. And my town is in general more politically opposite to my political being. Why did we choose to live here? Combination of factors, primary ones being price range and convenience to public transportation to the major cities in our area, which we needed. Why do we still live here? To us, it's not worth the effort/hardship to uproot not only ourselves but especially our child. And cost is still a factor. - P.

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  • I love the community I live in. It's big enough where you don't know everyone (or their business) but small enough where you know a lot of people or have some kind of connection to them. We feel like we're strongly rooted here as we have developed relationships with people over time through church and kid's activities. It's a very safe place to live. Although there's not a lot to do in the city, we're only about 15 minutes away from other cities that have plenty to do.

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  • Yes and no- I love that we live in a small town and that I feel safe leaving my doors unlocked or even open all night during the summer. I don't worry about the schools that my son will go to, and I have a 1 minute "commute" to work. But we also don't have a lot going on here. We don't have a huge art and music scene, we don't have fun shopping, and we don't have a lot of opportunities. I am afraid that my son will grow up thinking that everybody is white! It takes a lot more for us to get a little "culture" around here!

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  • I can't say I love the community I live in, but I don't necessarily dislike it either. We live in a large city, and it is such a major chore to get anywhere without setting aside half of your day. As far as our neighborhood goes, - don't love it, don't dislike it, just accept it. It's one of the safer neighborhoods in our city, however we've been here 25 years and I still don't know most of our neighbors. The ones we do know, it's a "hello" and a "nod" here and there, and that's pretty much it. Everyone in our neighborhood pretty much keeps to themselves, which is a plus on one side, and a negative on the other. I'd much rather be in a small town or out in the country where everyone treats each other like family.

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