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What made you choose your career?”

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  • I have always been in the administrative field so I choose to stay in line of work. I am more comfortable in this profession and I have recently gone back to school to get my degree to help me even further.

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  • I am always interested in hearing why people choose their careers.

    Most of the time when I ask people that question their answers are very similiar to yours. They fell into it. I went to school for my industry but fell into a Buying career. I am not a fan of math but I am of shopping...Haha.

    Thanks for sharing. All very interesting stories.

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  • I do professional voice over work and it's not something I went hunting for! Who knew I could really get paid to talk all day and not be on the radio or in front of a camera?!!? It fell into my lap and for the first few years I was going to other studios to record but then, once dh and I realized we could set up a professional studio at home (not just a mic and a computer but a real voice booth and all the fixin's) then we did just that and I get to record from home and be with the kids, too. If I hadn't been "discovered" so to speak then I would either be doing sportscasting or touring with bands/owning a studio and working as in audio production. This works really well for me!

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  • i fell into it, i never really knew what i wanted to do. my dad was into computers and since we stayed with him a few weeks in the summer (parents are divorced) i started interning at his company when i was in highschool. in the IT department. so then in college i bounced around my majors and finally just went with business management (so i could still graduate in 4 years LOL) but discovered that i actually kinda liked it. worked in IT through college and then once i graduated! really havent done much else other than the occasional food related job (the sumemr at baskin robbins ... aah the memories LOL) but IT has always been my 'career'! it's not a bad one to 'fall into' :)

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  • The fact that I hated math & science, loved writing, and became editor of the school magazine in the 11th grade! God, how I loved that time! Writing seemed to come naturally to me. I should have gone into management. My current boss says I have excellent management and organizational skills - ahem, ahem ;-) and claims I can't write!! But that's another story. I'm just glad I did become a journalist-writer-editor.

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  • I have admit I was forced to start this career, which I've always dreamt about in reality, when my bf was moved with his job to another region, after 1 year of co-living. I had to wait here for 2 years while looking for a flat where to move together. So I started to be freelance writer and translator to have the time to meet him at least once a week or every 2 weeks. I've never had the brave to start alone, but now I'm very proud of my choice, I love this freelance career!!!

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