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You have a business and are look for potential customers or buiness builds. How do you approach a stranger in a mall, grocery store etc...”

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  • Okay I'm gonna show you how behind the times I am.... What's BNI?

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  • good question. it really depends on what your product and situation is. in this case, if it's lotion and you had samples in your bag, maybe you can give them a sample with your contact info. if they like your lotion they will call you. (preferably you will have some type of permanent fixture of your contact info. on your lotion sample). will you ever be dressed as an actual vendor obviously looking to sell something to passersby? maybe you can visit some places and pay close attention to how people approach you? take what you like and learn from what you don't? sounds like you have a great attitude! you're a little anxious about something and you are willing to overcome it. i admire that. have you checked out BNI? if you're starting your business i think that will be a great place for you to start. it is a referral network, so everyone that goes comes loaded with business cards to pass around. they understand the importance of each person in the group to their network. it will also give you practice in approaching people and talking in front of people. check out some other networking events also for business builds maybe your chamber of commerce? you'll be with a bunch of other people like yourself: entrepreneurs who want t to meet other people to grow their businesses. you're quite welcome, i hope some of this helps and keep the great attitude!

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  • Your right I'm going to need the courage to approach a stranger. I'm that person at a gathering that usually just sits and watches I won't join in unless someone someone directs a questions etc... to me specifically. Guess I've spent to many years in the background....

    But I have a goal and I can't reach it unless I leave my comfort zone. I understand practice is the key and I don't know why it causes me such anxiety to even "think" about approaching a stranger.

    So I see you standing in the health and beauty aisle. Your looking at lotions just reading the backs of the bottles and I start doing the same thing... Casually I say "excuse me, how do you choose your lotion" or "man I wish there weren't so many choices". That I can do but how do you go from there to getting their number to share your information with them?

    Thanks by the way....

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  • you just do it. think of a good open ended question and just develop the courage to approach them. if you are selling lotion, just look for a good opening and say "excuse me, how do you choose your lotion?" listen to what they say and keep going. with more info. we can toss some more ideas back and forth if you'd like. if you have a business check out the BNI group in your area. that will work well for you. Business Networking International. google it then go from there. let me know how things go and don't give up! you can do it.

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