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What's your morning makeup routine? What products do you use and how long does it take?”

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  • First wash my face, moisturize, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara (if any) and wipe excess off to make my makeup look more even.

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  • I use an MK face wash, then MK oil control lotion. In winter I add an Arbonne moisturizer on top of that. I cover dark eye circles and red spots just under my nose with Bare Minerals concealer brush. Swish some mineral powder foundation everywhere else, then a quick swish of a bronzer. A little very light eyeshadow, black liner, black mascara and finally a basic lipstick (MK Apricot Glaze). That's probably a good 15 minutes.

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  • ahh i dont feel dressed until my face is done! the funny thing is my hubby can't really tell the difference HAHA! i use a sensitive skin face wash in the shower, then a moisturizing serum and sensitive skin moisturizer (i tend to be dry in winter LOL). for actual make up - i use the L’Oreal mineral foundation powder stuff, then the compact powder (such an awesome combo and actually good for my skin! or so says my sensitive skin) and then just mascara and lipstick. amazing how some black lashes and a little lip color can make you feel complete! it all total doesnt take more than 5 or 10 minutes (all seperate stages of getting dressed so not sure of the 'total' time!

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  • I use a facewash, moisturiser with sunscreen and eyeliner. Takes about 3 minutes altogether. I usually manage to apply lipstick on the way to work (don't be judgmental, now. I have a kid to get to a school van before starting my own commute.) Sometimes a face powder when my face is looking oily, but that's about it. Mascara and eyeshadow for big events (never at the office). And then I'll use some concealer as well. Don't own any other make-up.

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  • I don't wear makeup to work (I work at home with toddlers). I clean my face morning and evening using Body Shop's Wise Woman line: cream cleanser, toner, pre-moisturizer, moisturizer. Takes about three minutes. When I leave the house, lipstick and liner, eye-liner and mascara: another three minutes.

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  • I use a MK cleanser to wash my face in shower and that's about it, if I'm going out I'll put on a sunscreen. I only put on make up for really, really special occasions.

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  • Antiaging wash and day cream with spf, foundation primer (which makes your skin feel like silk) and dusting of mineral powder. Little mascara and lip gloss and your ready to walk out the door.

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  • I have no morning routine with makeup. I'm trying to get my three boys ages 9,7 & 5 year old off to school which is no fun.But I will say when I do go out and I do wear make up I feel Good.....

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  • Shower and then wash my face in the sink. More than one day of washing my face in the shower makes it extremely dry. I use basic face wash (sensitive skin) and lotion (sensitive skin with SPF). Under eye concealer, foundation, blush, mascara...only takes about 5 minutes. Get the Burt's Bees lip balm from my purse and then add a bit of colored lipgloss.

    I'm not so great with eyeliner and I always feel "too made up" with more than the above on.

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  • Less than 4 minutes. A little concealer if needed, lipstick / lipgloss, mascara, and loose powder in the T-zone.

    Less is more.

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