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What is your favorite weekend activity with the kids?”

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  • Well, my son is at his dad's every other weekend, and I work on weekends, so any time we have together, we like to go to the movies. We'll go to the dollar theater. It doesn't really matter to me what we see, I just like spending time with my son.

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  • We have my stepkids every other weekend, and our favorite "all-family" activities together are movies - either at the theater or on DVD at home - and board games. We all like Monopoly (and a variation we received as a Christmas gift called "Dogopoly"), and while my stepson's still a little young for regular Scrabble, he likes watching and keeping score. The kids and their dad also play games together on their Nintendo GameCube, but that's not so much my thing.

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  • It depends on the weather but in the summer bike rides are a favorite daytime activity. We also love bonfires, hiking through the woods and playing fetch with the dog. When we have lots of snow we are famous in our neighborhood for throwing snow parties for kids in the hood. Our house is on a hill and at the bottom is a pond. The kids love sledding, skating and building snow forts. When the weather isn't nice outside my kids love art projects (science projects too) and trips to the local entertainment center for bowling, arcade games and laser tag!

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